Want to know what Hassler’s Mechanical Zoo is all about? Well, it all started about 28 years ago when old man Hassler decided to open up a RV Park in Quartzsite Arizona. Being that he was about as odd as they come, it didn’t surprise anyone when he started asking around for old horseshoes, nails and metal.

From out of what some people might call junk, Hassler was able to wield together and create palm trees, whales, planes, crosses, fish, cowboys, penny-far-lings and even a few reindeer. It’s said he used over 10,000 horseshoes to make his mechanical zoo. He’s moved on now but his Mechanical Zoo still remains a testament to one man’s tenacity, vision and inspired form of art.

Please enjoy this brief tour put together by RV Vagabond Jerry (circa Published on Feb 6, 2018)